SEEKERS CLASS (Online only)

The Seekers Class is well-described by the class name. We are a  small group of  people from different career experiences united by a common desire to learn more about the thoughts  of bright, talented persons who have shared their “musings” in books or other media.

We choose our books by group consensus and read portions each week to discuss on Sunday morning.  Most of the works we read center on religious issues both contemporary and traditional with emphasis on the historical events that help explain why we are what we are today.   We make an attempt to be accepting of the author’s and our fellow class members’ perspectives.

If this format sounds interesting to you, feel free to come visit. We meet at 9:30 a.m. most Sundays on Zoom.


NEW CLASS (In-person only)

This new class will be doing bible study together…

As United Methodists we use creeds to emphasize what we believe. So for here are some beliefs of the class teacher, John Hargraves:

I believe the Bible is a tapestry of many kinds of literary styles with metaphor, history, parables, and prophecy. We should take it seriously, but not always literally.
I believe the best Bible translation is the one you’ll read! We should use many translations to get a better sense of context and nuance.
I believe in a good whiteboard and markers in lots of colors!
I believe we should study the Gospels as individual views of Jesus and not quickly merge them together into one picture.
I believe the Bible can be messy, and holds different views in tension…..and that’s okay. We should lean into that idea.
I believe that you need a lot of strong coffee when digging into the Bible.

If any of these ideas intrigue, even if its just the coffee, and you want to know more, join John and others on Sunday mornings starting at 9:45 a.m. most Sundays in the library.

 If this format sounds interesting to you, feel free to come visit.